Assorted One-Offs

A Fate Cast in Bronze

Fiasco - The Quest for the Golden Panda


Long Jia – power hungry peasant
R: Bitter enemies, veneer of friendship
L: Bronze sword stuck in a rock in Hanging Coffin Gorge
Deng Fuxing – curious son of a blacksmith
R: Village elder and curious child
N: To get the truth about a curse placed on your family
Tse Shing – old master and village elder, owner of a bronze axe
R: Master and apprentice
O: Ancient bronze axe
Wei Yuqi – martial artist, Master Tse's apprentice
R: Common ancient and hallowed ancestor
N: To get the truth about the object that changed all of your friends

Bao Dai – village strongman
Deng Fuxu – Fuxing's father, a blacksmith
Deng Fuwei – Fuxing's grandfather, a swordsman
Wei Shi – the ancestor
Deng Fuchi – Fuxing's ancestor, ancient blacksmith

Bamboo Clearing – Long and Wei
Wei beats long over stealing of ax
Bao Dai carries the broken Long to a medicine house
The Blacksmith – Long and Deng
Long wants armor
Deng mocks Long's injuries
Long lifts Deng by collar
The Village Square – Deng and Long
Deng's father arrives, Deng and Long pretend to be friendly
Deng and Long talk outside where Deng blackmails Long
Outside the School – Deng and Tse
Deng asks about family curse and Tse warns him of the Gorge
Bamboo Clearing (Flashback) – Tse and Deng Fuwei
Tse and elder Deng fight with bronze axe/sword
Deng wants cursed treasure
Tse says he will stop Deng because he is his friend
Deng says he'll leave sword with the treasure if it's cursed
Deng defeats Tse (thigh stab) and escapes
The School – Tse and Wei
Tse is training Wei
Wei says he will prove his innocence and catch thief of axe
Tse calms Wei down
The School (Flashback) – Wei and Tse
Tse shows Wei the axe and tells him memories ("My worst battles…")
The Shrine, at Dusk – Wei and Long
Wei is praying to Wei Shi for strength
Long arrives, insults
Long beats Wei and reveals a hidden scroll in statue sleeve
Long explains ritual of power
Long sets Shrine on fire
Paranoia: What's stolen gets stolen
Guilt: A Showdown
Dream/The Shrine – Wei and Wei Shi
Wei Shi reveals to Wei that there is another scroll
Wei Shi explains that the sword and axe were forged for him by Deng Fuchi
Wei accepts his role as defender of his family's honor
Wei wakes up, recovers the scroll from open palmed arm and escapes
The School – Wei and Tse
Wei tells Tse of Jia's treachery
Tse gives Wei permission to pursue his enemy
The School/The Village – Tse
Tse dons his old armor and regular axe
He leaves to tail Wei on way to confrontation
His armor fits poorly so he goes to blacksmith
The Blacksmith – Tse and Deng
Deng asks why Tse is armed
Deng reveals that he knows about the axe
Deng takes off toward axe's location
Outside the Village – Deng and Tse
Tse stops Deng and tells him about the sword
Deng tells Tse the location of the axe
Tse goes after the axe and Deng the sword
Deng stumbles down the gorge and breaks his leg
In the Gorge – Deng and Long
Deng first warns then mocks Long
Long uses Deng's blood to free the sword
In the Gorge/At the Brothel (Flashback) – Long, Deng and Tse
Long reveals axe
Flashback to Long battling Tse at the brothel
Long bashes Tse's skull in with handle
In the Gorge – Long, Wei and Deng
Long mocks Wei as he arrives and reveals that he has the weapons
Wei reveals the existence of the second scroll to Long
Long gloats over Tse's death and kills Deng
The Showdown
Long charges Wei with axe and sword
Wei grabs Long's eye causing it to bleed
The sword rock falls away revealing treasure pit
Long cuts off Wei's hand
Wei knocks Long into treasure pit, impaling him on a golden spear
The Curse
Before Long dies, the curse of the treasure transfers to him and his line
The curse is lifted from the Deng line
Long has a bastard child who will pass the curse on
Mourning and Treasure
Wei gets Bao Dai's help
They bury the scrolls with the treasure and bring back the body
Wei buries his master and becomes a teacher
Wei gives the bronze sword to Deng Fuxu
Wei keeps the axe hidden in memory of Tse



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