Assorted One-Offs

Dimensional Dilemmas

Fiasco - Heroes of Pinnacle City

Mayor Jonathan Cohaagen
R: Romance – Lovers on opposite sides of the law
O: Ominous – Mask, cape and lacy underwear
Overlord (hyper-brain)
R: Allies – Forced into alliance
N: To conquer the world – to add it to my collection
Chad "The Hunter" Johnson (strength, durability, enhanced senses)
R: Origin story – Dimensional Doppelgangers
L: Four-Color – The Super Prison!
Chad "Predator" Johnson (strength, durability, enhanced senses)
R: The Government – Mayor and Crime Lord
N: To get revenge – for humiliating you in a moment of triumph
Inmates at Pinnacle Prison:
Mandible (matter eater)
Klaxon (sound blast)
Smokestack (Smoke from MK)
Johnny Crush (brick)
The Taipan (poisonous femme fatale)
Other villains:
Jack Pride (cat man), in Predator's posse
Big Hero:
Captain Cumulus
Charlene Cohaagen, mayor's wife
Connie, mayor's assistant

Scene 1: Overlord, Super-Maximum Security Prison
-Overlord has been in solitary for two months
-Overlord has a shock collar to disrupt his thinking
-Comes up behind The Hunter in the cafeteria
-Fight w/ JCrush, collides w/ Klaxon's collar
-Overlord uses distraction to build device and disable collars
Scene 2: The Hunter, Super-maximum Security Prison
-The Hunter and Overlord break out in the midst of insane chaos
-Taipan, Johnny Crush, and Mandible also escape
-Get new clothes
Scene 3: Predator, his hq
-Lavish home, pet panther, hologram screens
-Cameras on the Mayor, knows that "he" and Overlord escaped
Scene 4: Mayor, his office
-Drinking scotch, remembering previous occasions on which Predator has humiliated/evaded him
-Tells wife not coming home, blacks out
Scene 5: Overlord, a motel, next morning
-Mayor wakes up, head in Overlord's lap
-Mayor in cape and mask, Overlord in lacy underwear
-Mayor gets key from pants for Overlord, starts putting pants back on
-Overlord demands His, Mayor drops pants
Scene 6: The Hunter, same motel
-Jack Pride plus three dudes, one has pipe, one has bike chain
-Hunter takes out a dude, Pride slashes his faces, chain on arm, stab in rib
-Sleeper hold
Scene 7: Predator, his hq
-Jack Pride brings The Hunter, has him bound w/ steel cable
-"Prefer death or back to prison?"
-The Hunter spits blood in Predator's face and takes him hostage, dials 911
Scene 8: The Mayor, the motel, earlier
-call from Connie that a press conference has been set up
-Mayor rocks the conference, Johnny Crush and Mandible already recaptured

Mayhem – an out-of-control rampage
Innocence – love rears its ugly head
Act II
Scene 1: Overlord, warehouse on the docks
-Overlord opens up his super-secret lair, needs a power supply
-Calls Taipan (how did he get the number? genius)
-"Errand girl, assistant, and assassin in that order"
-Taipan agrees to help
Scene 2: The Hunter
-Goes kinda bestial, takes Jack Pride's knife and cuts his bonds
-messes up many of Predator's henchmen and escapes, particularly hurts Pride
Scene 3: Predator, hq to streets
-Has henchmen march through sewers then emerge in streets and start serious mayhem
-Cumulus shows up
Scene 4: Mayor's office
-Connie tells mayor about Cumulus finding Predator
-Mayor says dramatic stuff about big move
Scene 5: Overlord, secret lair
-Voicemail that he's waiting for Mayor before activating device
-Discussion with Taipan, parts retrieved
-Taipan sent after Predator
Scene 6: The Hunter, in the streets
-Calls Mayor using Predator's phone to ask for asylum
Scene 7: Predator, in the streets
-Jack Pride does nasty things, Hunter executes him
-Henchmen back away afraid
-Two fight, beatdown, now indistinguishable
-Cumulus approaches
Scene 8: Mayor, in the streets
-In body armor and has handgun
-Rolls up on everyone w SWAT
Hunter – White 3
Predator – Black 7
Overlord – Black 4
Mayor – Black 2
Mayor has Cumulus restrain both Predators, wants to execute w handgun
They try to convince each is diff dimension
Taipan arrives, kills the Hunter
Mayor gets mad, shoots and kills Taipan
Cumulus blows his arm off
Cumulus arrests Predator
Mayor says Predator should be arrested as Predator, even if not him
Predator mistreated in prison, JCrush's bitch
Diaries: Overlord crystallizes other dimension's Earths and collects them, brought the Hunter from another
Device triggers wrong because janky parts, was distracted by love
Arm and half of face crystallized in malfunction
Mayor arrives later, Overlord reveals that he felt abandoned and released sex tapes
Mayor's career and marriage fall apart
Overload goes back to prison, trapped in this dimension and now more insane



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