Assorted One-Offs

In Pursuit of Goblins

D&D Next Playtest

Opening – Scrivener Farm
Shae leaving to practice
Argument with Alan, "Of all the Grand Architect's creations…"
Alan studying sad by himself
Greygrove Square/the Marshal's Office
Shartan brings Maron, as "Lord Plume," into town for a bounty
Maron tries to convince people he's being enslaved, only Cat listens
Shartan delivers Maron to Marshal Elwood, tells him is wizard
Elwood puts dirty rag in Maron's mouth so he can't cast
Elwood racist to Shartan, "human town with human rules"
Shartan goes to a tavern, drinks cider
Earlier, in Corsaire
Selkirk meets Matthieu Scrivener in town after being released from sailing
Matthieu invites Selkirk to Greygrove for the harvest
As Shartan leaves the Marshal, Matthieu and Selkirk arrive
As night falls, fires set across town
A goblin maces a woman in the face
Another sets the Scrivener barn on fire, slits the throat of a pig
Alan kills the goblin with an axe, needs to put out fire but also find Shae
Goblins light the Marshal's Office on fire
Maron escapes his bonds, mage hands keys
Fight in the square!
4 goblins, one is an archer
Shartan engages one, piddly blows
Selkirk quarterstaffs a goblin into oblivion
Shartan deaths goblin with a a sword, takes out longbow, deaths another
Specifically, pins one to a post, through the throat
Shartan downed with an arrow
Maron asplodes a goblin with shocking grasp as he leaves the Office
Selkirk vanquishes the last one

Outside the Scrivener Farm
Shae is in a shed, surrounded by gobbos (3)
Shae readies some fire, goblins barge in, hella dumb
Goblins shut Shae in the burning shed
Shae breaks shed down and escapes
Turns back, bumrushes the goblins with hatchet and shield
Shae and Alan put out the barnfire
Shae runs to help at the square
Alan consults Schematikon, prepares Lance of Faith
Greygrove Square
Alan, Shae, Shartan, Selkirk, Maron, Jorge, Cat in town
Alan stabilizes Shartan
Shae follows goblins, sees them taking Matthieu
Convene in square, argument about whether to rescue Matthieu, and who should go
Shartan, Selkirk and Maron are going, biggest pay village can do
The Next Morning, Scrivener Farm
The trio has left, Shae tagged along and left a note
Alan has a being pissed and packing his stuff montage
Dons chainmail for which he is too fat now
Prepares CLW

Out in the Forest
Shae, Maron, Shartan, Selkirk
They see gobbo camp
Spook gobbos, gobbos searching for party
Alan arrives, angry, loud, wielding hatchet
BATTLE! Near a creek
Twelve goblins, plus a leader
Alan yells at Shae, goblins see him, Shae upset
Maron makes illusory crab
Goblins try to cross squid, follow the leader
Selkirk xbow and Shartan bow triangulate and kill leader
Real crab surfaces, goblins fall back
Shae crosses river to spite Alan
Alan covers Shae, casts his first lance of faith, kills goblin
Shae wades into goblin mob, kicks ass, takes names
Maron color sprays the real crab, it goes nuts and runs away
The party converges across the creek and cleans up the gobbos, takes one captive
Goblin Camp
No sign of prisoners
Sign that the captives passed through here
Get a map, caves ahead
Leave the goblin captive tied up
The Middle Cave
Cave is naturally occurring, following tracks
Big cave
Shae, Selkirk and Shartan kill some fire beetles
Shartan: good hit with bow, run!
Alan and Shae: run!
Ogre barrels into Maron
Maron: shocking grasp! Stops the blind ogre's heart
Deeper in the cavern
Shae runs off from the party
Big room: Bugbear, hobgobbo, many gobbos
Party barrels in after Shae
Shartan and Selkirk take down bugbear with arrows
Shae runs into room, opp attacks
Maron color sprays (red) the gobbos, chaos ensues
Alan commands the hobgobbo to approach, exploding radiance kills 3 gobbos
Shartan pops hobgobbo through the head
Gobbo maces Shae down to 1hp
The crew cleans up the gobbos, Alan heals (and scolds) Shae
Recovers the captives, including Matthieu! (WOO!)
Alan still mad at Shae
High level adventurers:
Light emanating from Alan
Shae in plate
Shartan with cool weapons
Selkirk jacked



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