Assorted One-Offs

Our Man in Wawanga

Arthur Raymond Detwiler
R: Family – Step-Brothers
O: Information – Meyer Lansky’s Address Book
Martin Escobar
R: Government – Boss and Sycophant
N: To get the truth – about what happens in that vile place
Mauricio San Tomas
R: Work – Newspaper Writer and Source
O: Weapon – Nazi Dagger
Luis McMahon
R: Visitors – “what are we smuggling this time?”
N: To get even – with a business partner
Jack O’Hurley
R: Crime – private dick and criminal on the run
L: Barrio Colon – The Aunt Nina Club

Other Characters

Meyer Lansky and Goons
Ernst Von Schaft aka Richard Helmsly aka Hans Himmel
Helmut Klinger

Scene 1 Arthur
Whiskey, Aunt Nina, Meyer’s Book
Scene 2 Jack
The Dock
Meyer Warehouse
Dip your hat, not my warehouse
Go to the Aunt Nina
Scene 3 Mauricio
Luis Story
Here is a knife for you
Scene 4 Martin
The Wawanga
Takes the notebook
Scene 5 Arthur
Meyer Warehouse
Beaten to the brink of death, know’s Meyer betraying Jack
Scene 6 Martin
Mauricio must wash his clothes
And watch Arthur is alright
Scene 7 Luis
Ernst von Schaft and Helmut Klinger playing cards
You guys can preten to be Nazis right?
Scene 8 Jack
Find Arthur on the truck, stash the body
Arthur groans out that Meyer is going to betray Jack
Scene 9 Mauricio
Talk with Ernst Von Schaft aka Richard Helmsly aka Hans Himmel
Finds out that he is a dip
Scene 10 Luis
Scheme with Jack to get Meyer

You thought it was taken care of but it wasn’t
The wrong guy gets busted

Scene 11 Arthur
Mauricio takes him to a vet, groans out “Jack” and “Nazis”
Scene 12 Martin
Hears about Jack O’Hurley and nazis hurting Arthur, goes to Aunt Nina club
Scene 13 Luis
Falling out with Mauricio, and the dagger disappears after fisticuffs
Scene 14 Jack
Pays Flor to lure Meyer into his usual room at Aunt Nina
Scene 15 Martin
Meets Flor at the Aunt Nina, winds up going into the room meant for Meyer
Scene 16 Mauricio
Meyer warehouse
Meyer say to Mauricio you must kill…
…a guy
Scene 17 Luis
Call in a favor
I’m out
Scene 18 Mauricio
Find Nazi truck
Steal Nazi truck
Not gonna kill A Guy
Scene 19 Jack
Hiding in the closet in the room meant for Meyer
Scene 20 Arthur
Beaten up at the Aunt Nina, walks to the room meant for Meyer with a swagger

Black 11 Luis
Escapes due to favor called in
BW 0 Arthur
Sees stuff that cannot be unseen, also gets shot
White 6 Martin
Shot in the ass and then some
Black 8 Mauricio
Takes the truck, ambushed by Ernst and Helmet
Somehow escapes with the Knife… and a story
White 9 Jack
Shoots Flor, Martin, Arthur
GTFO on a boat?



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