Assorted One-Offs

The Mnemonic Bud Caper

Fiasco - The Penthouse

Fiasco – The Penthouse, somewhere in Dubai


Doug Johansson

  • Friendship – Bromance
  • Needs to get richer, at her expense
Frederick Li
  • Crime – Serial Killer and admirer
  • Needs to enhance a reputation, by my savagery
Sasha Fitzgerald a.k.a. The Last Whisper
  • Family – In-laws
  • Untoward object – a Thomas Kincaid painting of a sad-faced clown beating a child
The D – Prof at the Pittsburgh Institute for Progressive Learning ("PittBull")
  • Community – Professor of rainforest psychopharmacology and student
  • Nearby location – "La Doigt Dougetant," don't go there after dark


Other chars:


  • Jack the Bartender
  • The other Bartender
  • Sal
  • Evan Fitzgerald (The D's son, Sasha's husband)
  • Yuri


Act I



  • Meets up with Fred, tells him about Mnemonic Bud
  • Gets Fred high in the bathroom and takes a call
  • Tells Fred to meet him at Le Doigt Dougetant




  • Gets a gimlet at the bar from Jack
  • Talks to Sasha about The Last Whisper




  • Follows Jack into the Employees Only bathroom
  • Gets Jack to turn around
  • Knocks Jack out
  • Another bartender comes in; Sasha slits his throat and leaves knife w/ Jack after force-feeding him alcohol


The D


  • Phone call with Yuri on the roof regarding shipping the plant in an art truck
  • Chat with Sal on the roof




  • Talks to the bartender, recovers bartenders memory
  • Tells bartender to contact Sal and meet him at Le Doigt Dougetant




  • Walks onto the roof crossfaded
  • Sal introduces Fred to The D and leaves them with a pile of coke
  • Fred and The D partake and The D drops knowledge on Fred




  • Sasha talks to Doug to find out what he knows
  • Doug realizes Sasha is killer but doesn't fully tip his hand


The D


  • The D is waiting in back of Le Doigt Dougetant, a brothel for the shipment
  • Evan, his son, exits the brothel
  • The D and his son argue; each calls the other an embarrassment
  • The D declares that he will be The Master of Memory




Tragedy – Death out of the Blue

Innocence – Love rears its ugly head


Act II



  • Doug tries to warn The D of the danger
  • The D takes Doug off the project




  • Fred is coked out trimming plants on the roof
  • Fred carves a rhino for Sasha, who is tracking Doug
  • Sasha sees Doug talking to The D
  • Sasha tells Fred she loves him
  • Sasha tells Fred to show everyone the rhino as a distraction




  • Sasha confronts The D at the brothel
  • The D doesn't even really know who Sasha is
  • The truck has arrived; Yuri makes a pass at Sasha
  • Sasha draws a knife and Yuri a gun
  • Sasha throws the knife into Yuri's heart but he shoots her in the leg


The D


  • Panics and finds most of the wonder drug is missing but there is a Thomas Kincaid painting in the truck
  • Puts Sasha in the back of the truck and drives off to regroup




  • Tells Fred that Sasha is The Last Whisper
  • Says he will go to Sal but Fred needs to appeal to The D, since they hit it off




  • Finds Yuri's body behind LDD
  • Jack confronts him
  • Verbal confrontation of Jack and Fred, Jack draws a gun and accuses Fred of helping Sasha
  • Fred announces love for Sasha
  • Jack shoots and kills Fred, who dies with his Rhino




  • Bandages own leg
  • Takes painting hostage and convinces The D to stop the truck
  • Kills The D and punctures his lungs
  • Drives back to LDD to clean up
  • Kills Jack, marks Jack and Yuri's bodies and puts them in truck
  • Puts Fred's body in a more dignified position
  • Drives away


The D


  • (already dead)
  • Doug gets Sal to bring Evan before both of them
  • Evan has lost track of his wife
  • Doug convinces Sal that Sasha must be stopped
  • Doug gives Sal his own sample of Mnemonic Bud




Doug – Savage


  • Sal has allergic reaction
  • Bodyguards detain Doug for supposed assassination attempt
  • Doug sent to Lebanese prison


Fred – Savage


  • Banzai rhino found on corpse
  • The Rhino of Love becomes a joke among banzai artists everywhere


Sasha – Not too Shabby


  • Gets to the Netherlands with painting
  • Leaves corpses in conspicuous places
  • Murders husband when she discovers cheating
  • Murders Sal when they both are in the Netherlands
  • Lives comfortably with money from painting, retires


The D – Pathetic


  • Mnemonic Bud is an abject failure
  • PittBull gets closed down




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