Assorted One-Offs

The Tragedy of Weamish-Mupo, or, The Ballad of Chezzik and the Worms

Weamish Mupo, Hub Scholar
R: Thaumaturgy – Wizard and vat-grown “child”
O: Spells – The Lesser Temporal Stasis
R: Occupation – Expert and novice worm-wranglers
N: To fulfill and obscure obsession – by transforming your own body
Chief Worminger Trazar
R: Larceny and violence – conman and mark
L: Dangerous wilderness – nasty swamp
R: Passions – Runaway lovers
N: To get rich – by conning a wizard out of his fortune

Zarfo, Captain of the Petrichor
First Mate Helsse
Dordolio, a dandy
Lo Lam, a courier
The three Twk-men
A deodand

Act One: The Open Sea

Scene 1: Weamish-Mupo
Trazar, this are Chezzik
Chezzik is Weamish’s payment to ride on the ship
Chezzik will be the new worminger in training
Scene 2: Salasser
Convo with Captain Zarfo on the deck
Who is richest on the Ship?
Weamish-Mupo, but he paid w/ worminger
Scene 3: Trazar the Worminger
Pontification of the Worminger’s Profession
Epic speech
Scene 4: Weamish-Mupo
Salasser dance yehdoop
Twk-men music
Temporal Stasis
Check out Salasser goods
Leave pastry with Chezzik
Scene 5: Chezzik
Yelled at for pastry
Losing his shit, wormdoop
Death threat, sor of
Scene 6: Salasser
Go to Trazar, we gonna rob Weamish-Mupo
Hits on Trazar
Trazar promises of own ship and worms
Scene 7: Chezzik
Ransack Weamish-Mupo’s Quarters
Trippin balls
Chezzik is Worm
Scene 8: Trazar
Swamp of Bal-gazar plan

A stupid plan executed to perfection
A sudden reversal

Act Two: The Swamp

Scene 9: Salasser
Breakfast with Weamish-Mupo
Weamish-Mupo used to be in wizard council, but my Chez my
Twk-men disciplined, now in a ring
Salasser falling for Weamish-Mupo
Knowledge and Pleasure
Scene 10: Chezzik
Seeking Weamish-Mupo’s approval
You are free to be a slave
Stasis out
Scene 11: Weamish-Mupo
Wander the swamp
Intimidate a deodand with Combustion spell
Scene 12: Trazar
Set the plan with Salasser: you are go, I kin watch
Replace his terces with garbage
Scene 13: Weamish-Mupo
Beautiful wisp lightshow, “The Girl with the Wide-Brimmed Hat”
Dordolio helps out
Salasser not there
Scene 14: Salasser
Stealing the stuff
Weamish-Mupo walks in
Super long silence
Weamish Stasis out
Scene 15: Trazar
Goes to Salasser for damage control
Awkward silence
Trazar flippin’ a dip about plan since Weamish is aware but missing
Scene 16: Chezzik
Creates spawning pool in the swamp, does partial transformation
Gets Lo Lam to witness

Salasser: 3 Black
Weamish-Mupo: 0
Trazar: 6 White
Chezzik: 5 White

Chezzik transforms, but Trazar goes in to wrangle him and they fuse into a horrible Trazar/Chezzik/worm hybrid
Trazar and the world mock Chezzik’s doop forever
Weamish sends Deodand after the patrons of the Petrichor
Temporal Stasis before Salasser eaten, she tells Weamish she really love him
Love dips Weamish’s hat and he lets the deodand into the timestream
Salasser breaks free after getting maimed, while Weamish being eaten by a deodand for eternity



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